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EVERCOmmited to you

Superior Product Quality

In addition to new and re-engineered compressors, we also offer accumulator/filter driers, expansion devices, evaporators, switches, relays, lubricants, tensioners, pulleys, tools and much more. Whatever you need we’ve got it - and you can bet it is first-class quality. Everco Heavy Duty is truly EVERCOmmited to you.

Compressors represent our largest capital commitment and most important product line.  Offered in both New and Re-engineered models, we have the most desirable aftermarket offering available today.

QS9000/IS9001 certified manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality that meets or exceeds OE Specifications for fit, form, function and durability.

Everco Heavy Duty re-engineered compressors are worlds apart from the ordinary remanufactured compressor. Our re-engineered compressors contain so many new components that they stand apart from the competition and challenge the performance of many new compressors. We go beyond the industry norm by replacing components that our competitors often times re-use. For example, we use new, over-sized pistons machined in-house, and over bore the cylinders for increased volume and output. Standards such as these ensure “re-engineered” quality and durability in a re-manufactured product.
Everco HD Compressors

Extensive Product Research & Technical Expertise

Everco Heavy Duty is the leader in providing catalog resources for our customers. In addition to paper & electronic product catalogs, we have continued to create educational tools such as charts, diagrams, and guides to assist our customers when working with their customers. Comprehensive Application and Illustrated guides are just a few of the improved resources offered to our customers using Everco Heavy Duty products.  Whether web or catalog based, you can be assured that Everco Heavy Duty has the most current and up-to-date full-line cataloging available in the AC aftermarket.

Exemplary Customer Service

And our commitment to serving our customers is particularly showcased by our distribution facility in Lewisville, TX – it is ERP-driven to ensure high order-fill and on time delivery even during the peak season

With numerous distribution and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe, Everco Heavy Duty, a division of Standard Motor Products, Inc., is the largest aftermarket temperature control parts supplier in the industry and the largeset manufacturer of re-engineered compressors in the world.

Customer Service

We provide the service, support and products that are essential for our customers to be successful in the air conditioning industry. Critical business elements upon which we have built our program to meet the demanding needs of climate control customers include:

            •Superior product Quality
            •Exemplary customer service
            •Extensive product research and technical expertise

Our commitment to these priorities has allowed us to build a program that is unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry and has resulted in our customers’ success.

What truly sets us apart, is our commitment to each step of the distribution channel; from the distributor that sells our parts, to the technician who installs them, to the end user who ultimately must be satisfied with the quality of the repair.

Our goal is to satisfy every customer in the chain.

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